Keep your bike in our premises in Milan: 6 months, one year, two years, all your life!

We will do the regular maintenance (oil, tyres, etc...) and bring your bike to the Linate or Malpensa airport, if you wish (Linate is 7 kms from Mototouring, Malpensa is 45 kms). You can leave the airport with the bike or - should you prefer - find "her" at your hotel.

The storage price is:
1,20 Euro/day
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The maintenance costs:
battery disconnection / connection... free
oil change... 45 Euro
filter change... 20 Euro
transmission check and oil change... 20 Euro
wash and general check... 25 Euro
new battery... 95 Euro
touring tyre (by a professional workshop including balancing)... 170 Euro
sport soft tyre... upon request
one way transport to the dealer... 50 Euro
one way delivery to Malpensa Airport (50 kms)... 100 Euro
one way delivery to Linate Airport (6 kms)... 30 Euro
one way delivery to Orio al Serio Airport (50 kms)... 100 Euro

If you do not have a motorcycle we can also find the motorcycle for you, buy it and keep it ready for your next trip to Italy.

With 3.000 / 4.000 Euro you can buy a good bike like a Honda Transalp, or a Suzuki V Strom, low mileage, 20/30.000 kms on the odometer, with side bags and top case; a bike that can be kept for years and sold again whenever you decide, still getting money back!

If you buy a vehicle in Italy in order to register it in your name you need to have the "italian fiscal number" and the "Italian ID card". in other words you need to be resident.

In case we buy a bike on your behalf you will have a document signed by us with the Power of Sale, in other words: we cannot sell the bike without your authorization.

Here is our purchase agreement form
Things to know about
motorcycle purchase

A very important thing to know if you intend to bring your motorcycle from your home country, (not part of the European Community), always feasible:

From a legal point of view, you can keep a vehicle for 12 month under a "bond"; after that time you have to pay the taxes, import it and register it in Italy. Not easy to do and moreover, you have to calculate a cost of 1000 euro, plus the import taxes.

Send us an email to enquire what is available on the market or take a look to this italian site following the link "MOTO USATE" (means "second hand bikes").

Here is the place where your motorbike will be stored:
Where you can go from Milan

Milan is conveniently located in the center of one of the most rideable area in Europe: 130 kms from the Mediterranean coast, 50 kms from the Lake of Como, 250 kms from Tuscany.

You could also take the ferry to Sardinia or Corsica, two rider's paradises, or to Barcelona. You really have a lot of options. in Italy.